Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Gavin is resting in ICU tonight as he recovers from his surgery today.  Surgery began at 0800 today, and within 10 minutes of surgery beginning, we received a call from the operating room that due to Gavin's anatomy, the shunt was not going to work so the more invasive, full repair of his heart condition was what the surgeon was moving forward with.  Around 1230, we received a call that surgery was complete and that the surgical team would begin the process of taking Gavin off of the heart/lung machine.  An hour later, the call was that the surgeon was operating again.  Around 1530 we finally received the call that surgery was complete and the surgeon was coming to speak with us.

The surgeon said that the surgery was very technical and that he had some difficulty finding and operating on certain aspects of Gavin's heart's anatomy.  But he did manage to accomplish everything that he needed to.  He had to go back into surgery because part of the patch he put in Gavin's heart detached from the artery it was in, so he had to go back in and reattach it.  He told us that Gavin seemed to tolerate the surgery well, but at this point it was all up to Gavin.

About an hour later, we were allowed to go back to ICU and see him.  I cannot put into words what seeing him after surgery felt like.  His little body just looks so beaten and battered.  I lost it for a moment as I looked at him and realized that I had mentally been trying to brace myself for the possibility of him not making it out of surgery.  So while he does look small and helpless in his ICU crib, I am so overwhelmed with joy and relief that he is there.  The nurses said that he looked great after surgery and recommended that Chris and I get some rest and food for the time being.  The first 12 hours after surgery would be pretty uneventful, and usually after that point is when things start to get rocky.  We know Gavin is strong, but it is still terrifying to watch him fight and recover when we can't do anything to help him.

Thank you all again for the overwhelming support you have provided.  The words of encouragement have really lifted us up through these tough weeks.  Chris and I have both read each and every one of your messages and are constantly humbled by the kindness and compassion you have shown our family.  Gavin is overcoming the odds every single day and we absolutely feel the prayers you have lifted for us and for Gavin. 

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  1. God bless you guys! I am praying for Gavin, you and Chris as well. I know I am really of no help living so far away but if there is anyway I can help let me know! i will put Gavin's story out to my church and ask for lots of prayers to be sent your way! I admire your strength Mary Beth keep it strong for your little man and your princess too! you are the type of mommy that mommy's around the world should definitely look up to! my heart and prayers as a mommy and friend are with you. I could not imagine being in your shoes as reading your blogs i cry every time. Keep your head up.


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