Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Renewed Strength

I intended to use this blog to update family and friends on Gavin's status and development.  And while I don't have anything new, medically, to share about Gavin, I am compelled to share a conversation that I just had in the hallway at work.  I was driving back to work from lunch today, and I was just having one of those moments where life seems to overwhelm you and figuring out how you are going to survive what lies ahead just seems impossible.  Then I walked into work, and ran into a lady that I often pass in the halls, but have never really spoken to aside from the polite "Hello, how are you?".  I haven't seen her in a while, so when she saw me today she was surprised to see I was pregnant and proceeded to ask me how far along I was and what I was having.

Then the conversation turned to the struggles Gavin is facing, and she immediately went on to say the following...

She said, "You know what?  Gavin has a purpose on this earth and in this life far greater than you, or any of us realize.  I am a strong believer in God, and I really do feel that when this little guy is born that he is not going to be as bad as they say he is.  I don't find it a coincidence that you were asked THREE times whether or not you wanted to keep him.  He is going to be a warrior in this world, and someone is trying to not let that happen.  The fact that three times you said no, he will not be terminated...the fact that you went to get a second opinion when one doctor led you to believe he would never come home...someone wants to keep Gavin out of this world in a fierce way.  But you, you were chosen to be his mother because you are a warrior too.  Warriors don't come from weak families.  You refused to give up on him and you have fought for him, and I really feel that he is going to come into this world and serve an amazing purpose that we cannot begin to comprehend.  Gavin has already touched so many lives before he has even arrived.  You are carrying a miracle, and you have been chosen to have and raise this miracle.  I am going to certainly pray for you and your family, but I am excited to see what Gavin is about to bring us in this world."

Then I mentioned that I had asked my aunt, who has been through multiple brain surgeries, to be in the delivery room with me.  That she has survived what doctors said that she couldn't, and she is a walking miracle and light in this world.  And this lady at work responded,

"Man, another warrior in your family!  Gavin is going to have a room full of angels over him when he's born and two warriors ready to guide him on his journey.  And I'll pray that Chris makes it in time, but even if he doesn't, Gavin has his blood and with a daddy as a Marine, well that's even more warrior strength for him to fight whatever battles lie ahead of him.  Gavin is going to change this world....he already has before he's even arrived."

I mean, wow!  I was just drudging back into work, having a pity party moment and I walk right into a person that I barely know and end up receiving a message that just blew me away.  I am so inspired right now and I just wanted to share this moment with each of you!

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